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Dreams of Horses

What will you wish for?

Gaming Horses, Performance Horses, Trail Horses...
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I have finally figured out and created a community for horses! I want to welcome all who come, to join, or to read this! This community was originally going to be just gaming and rodeo, because there isn't many communities specializing in gaming, but... I changed my mind and wanted to do an all horse subject community. Hopefully we will cover everything we possiby can about horses! Now, for this club I would like you all to know some of the bigger rules. So I will remind you of a few rules, just so we both have them down.

Rules and other Things:
- Please be friendly to everybody, even if you don't like them, it may be hard, but you can always ignore them, but still reply if they talk to you.
- Respect, try to respect everybody, even if they don't know what they are talking about, offer to help. If someone offers to help you, accept it even if you don't want to.
- No spam please!
- You can post for people to join your community, but please don't do it excessively.
- Try not to do double posts, they are rude and quite annoying! Please, learn how to edit if you do mess up.
- Complaint? Feel free to let me know, I don't mind, honest.
- You may post pictures, as long as they are horse related and acceptable.
- Please keep foul language to a minimum, not everybody wants to hear those words.
- If you need emergancy help. type 911 in the subject box, or in capital letters type EMERGANCY, if it is really bad, don't bother with us call a vet!
- If you need help that isn't major, just type help in the subject box.
- If you have a question, type the question in the subject box, to long? Shorten it down to a small sentence.

Please try to follow these, I know... sometimes we forget, but if you forget to often there will be consequences! Thank you all for joining, so much!